Helping You ReClaimURL™ (ReClaim Your Real Life) by Supporting Your S.E.L.F for Success!

The Ballsy Coach!

Helping You ReClaimURL™ (ReClaim Your Real Life) by Supporting Your S.E.L.F for Success!

Get the most out of your life after work. Learn how a positive mental attitude and balancing work and life can be solutions to boosting self-esteem. Use coaching techniques for stress management and personal goal setting to improve the value of life.

Helping U Regain UR Best Self!

For corporate HR department, training managers and their employees. Understanding that success of work-life strategies includes recognition and support of the whole person. Learning techniques that help our clients avoid burn-out, over scheduled and overwhelmed. Instead help them regain vitality to make differences to their business and personal bottomlines are crucial keys for successful working relationship. TateWorks offers a comprehensive series of Employers/Employees Appreciation packages, one-on-one coaching to self-improvement seminars, which encourage positive mental attitude to improve the value of work, home and in the rest of their lives.

A member of the National Association for Female Executives, Sandra B. Tate will personally assist you in learning how to create a work/life balance. With her unique consulting program, ReClaimURL™, Sandra has assisted hundreds of professionals to implement a balance in life. From the initial free consultation to scheduled follow-ups that help you adhere to your custom self improvement and motivation program, TateWorks offers personal consulting services at a professional level.

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