TateWorks contributes positive reinforcement to the lives of professional women — particularly between the ages of 28 and 55 — by offering life, career, business and personal coaching through group and 1-on-1 programs designed to alleviate stress, increase self-esteem, isolate and overcome obstacles, boost motivation, encourage change, build focus and improve the overall value of life.

TateWorks to the Rescue!

Life is an overwhelming combination of demanding factors that create a perfect recipe for imbalance, stress and loss of control. Our ability to keep everything in order and running smoothly is more of an acquired skill than a natural talent, that’s why when things get out of hand — we need a ballsy coach in our lives!

The Ballsy Life Coach

Things are bound to get tough, and if you want to handle it, you’ll have to be bold. The Ballsy Coach Sandra B. Tate’s unique personality helps you embolden your character and reinvent your approach to eradicating the bullshit in your life. That’s right, the bullshit in your life. You know it when you have it — and nobody needs it. In order to acknowledge the bullshit in our lives, we have to define the bold self. The Ballsy Coach has made a career of presenting daring, innovative new agendas that get results when it comes to achieving your bold self and eliminating the excess nonsense weighing down your life. The Ballsy Coach will show you how to face everything head-on and shed off a lot of bullshit in the process.

Sandra B. Tate is a personal and business consultant who has served in the personal and professional development field for 15 years.  She created Tateworks to integrate and combine her experience into successful programs that leverage proven systems of coaching and results-oriented techniques. Everything she has learned and built upon in her career while serving individuals and the corporate sphere is now an accessible resource for personal life and business management solutions through TateWorks. Learn new ways to face your daily, personal and professional challenges by getting down to business with the Ballsy Coach!

Get Bold with Personal Solutions, Business Solutions, and Solutions for Life

TateWorks is a fully-flexible and complete package when it comes to personal life coaching and business coaching. You’ll find a host of solutions for your everyday, career-based and business needs that serve these fundamental principles:

  • Self-Improvement
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Balance Work and Life
  • Stress Management for Women
  • High Self-Esteem
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving
  • Vision of Success
  • Focused Determination

A Program for Everyone

TateWorks was created to offer customized self-improvement solutions for everyone. These include personal 1-on-1 life coaching sessions, group workshops, corporate workshops and self-improvement seminars. ReclaimUrLife™ is a unique consulting program that creates a self-improvement and motivational strategy based on an open assessment of your personal life, career, goals and obstacles. The TateWorks Action Plan and Commitment Contract incorporate unique methods of personal consulting and objective-based awareness into your personal and business life. Combined with self-improvement workshops, seminars, corporate workshops and group workshops, TateWorks offers personal and group solutions that bring clarity and focus into your life — no matter what life you choose. Visit our services section for more information.

Serving the Globe

Overcome obstacles and maximize personal and professional growth no matter where you are. TateWorks offers regional self-improvement seminars in the metro New York and New Jersey area, and telephone and video conferencing for long-distance personal consultations and workshops across the world. TateWorks will make every effort to improve your life by accommodating your schedule and geographic location.

Please contact us for more information.