You’ve achieved countless professional successes
But your personal life is in the dumps.

You still feel lost, alone, or trapped in a crowd?
Present relationships are turning sour?

Is your personal life and work life strategies
just passing you by?

Does your outer executive world meet your personal inner expectations?

Business Women Trapped in Corner

Do I understand the successful, goal-driven and ambitious road
you are traveling right now?

Just like you, I have worked as an employee and executive consultant for top-ranking yet challenging environments for women in technology and training. These companies included Deloitte and Touché LLP, Arthur Andersen LLP, Credit Suisse, McKinsey & Company to New York Public Library and even in politics in New York City.  I’ve learned to value a thing or two about properly managing my personal life outside the professional executive arena and aligning what matters most with WHO I AM and My Happiness.

Your unique life requires self-centered priorities, lifestyle, self-changing roles, work life balance needs, but most importantly, YOU.  Beyond the glitz and glamor of your successes  - YOU are the centerpiece that holds the critical key to your own future and responsible for its complete happiness.  There are others just like you trying to figure it all out and staying isolated won’t change anything either.  If you know what to do, you will be incline to take the necessary actions – Right?

Let’s start taking action with your personal SELF and the relationships you are desiring that can support you, for starters.   I understand and have experienced those issues and many others you are dealing with right now.  These obstacles, gaps and quagmires that are holding you back from getting the BIG PICTURE of your OWN life – The one that you desire and yet it always seems to elude you. Well the secret is quite simple: you need to become more “Ballsy” or bold in your approach to the things you desire.  Seeking the right kind of help is critical. You can’t just wish for things to change.  You have to change your attitude, habits, values, outlook, choices, prioritization and actions to get the results you desire. You hold the keys to unlock the infinite power within you.

Do you ask yourself “Why does my life feel so incomplete with so many of the stuff everyone wants and I have?”  Well, that’s a great question and starting point for us to begin our journey. Actually, the solution is quite simple.  You are missing the all important S.E.L.F Wealth™ Philosophy that teaches you how to master over yourself and your fears that prevents you from having the vibrant life you deserve.  When you finally get this right – The World does come alive and your lack of clarity becomes crystal clear again.

Every woman is a woman of substance, but not every woman is empowered by it.

~Sandra B. Tate, Executive Leadership “The Ballsy” Coach

So, the question is:

“What’s not working in your life?”

Now, here’s where an Executive Leadership “The Ballsy” Coach comes in. 

By helping  you fill in the gaps you can’t see in your executive life.  By guiding you to the right empowering tools and attitude to win!  Helping you see the Win-Win for your happiness and knowing what to do next…  The truth is right there at your  finger tips to receive.

The process of living a courageous life with purpose begins with you taking charge. There is no better time than the present and by the end of this tour you will have a chance of taking the first step by downloading your Wheel of Self Knowledge™ assessment. Now, let’s find out Who I Love To Help!

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